Alive (Crave, #1)

Alive (Crave, #1) - Megan D. Martin 3.5 Stars!

The first part of the series of a interracial paranormal romance during a Zombie apocalypse....


Eve is fighting to survive against the flesh eating zombies while searching for her sister Olive. Then she runs into Gabe.

Gabe couldn't believe Eve was still alive. And he is not about to lose her now that he found her. But Eve has not forgotten how much Gabe had broken his promise and how he had hurt her.





Gabe is hot! He definitely was an ass to Eve in the past... but they were young and he was stupid and he admits that. Now they are on the run and need each other to survive, but no, Eve certainly didn't make it easy for him. I wanna knock her head at one point but she does have her reasons. Eve, though brave, she is also just too stubborn and reckless, still troubled by her past.

Then there's Olive, she is the selfish sister... I was wondering what her role in this series is and to the end, I still wonder.

The story is told under Eve, Gabe and Olive's (Eve's sister) POV's. It flashes back to their life before the apocalypse and present. While on the run for survival, there is sexual tension between Eve and Gabe, and the feelings that Eve denies! And it does put you on the edge of your seat. Will definitely read the next book of the series.

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