Thrash (Bayonet Scars, #2) - J.C. Emery ★★★ Stars!

I really enjoyed the first of this series, which was Alex and Ryan's story. I was hoping that their story continues in this book despited this being Duke and Nicole's story... but no, I only got a glimpse or two of them, after the incident that is. So that was disappointing.


I loved Duke in the first book, and I love him more here. Another hot biker alpha who claimed his lady as his and that would be Nicole. Yeah he screwed up, but he proved himself after.

I didn't quite get Nicole in the first book so it was really interesting to get insight on her life. Now that I have, I understand her more, though I find her character a bit irritating still. I liked it when she gets spunky and a fights.

Their story happened before, during and after what happened in the first book. It still gets me teared up when I read that part where Alex was hurt by Ryan and then tortured by her twin brother, reading it all over again through Duke's eyes. (But I easily cry, so, pardonnez moi ;) )

Much as I love reading about Duke and Nicole, I really was hoping to read more about Alex and Ryan and the questions I have in the first book. What happened after with Ryan and Alex? What of her twin brother? What of her father's mafia circle? Her Aunt? Ugh!


The story is under Duke and Nicole's POV. Their story was alright, sex was hot. I'm glad that they got their own HEA