Music of the Soul (Runaway Train, #2.5)

Music of the Soul (Runaway Train, #2.5) - Katie Ashley Since I have read and liked Music of the Heart, the first of the series, I am very much excited to see this follow up of Abby and Jake's story.

In this book, you get to experience their romantic wedding...


.... the honeymoon... and then their first big disagreement as a couple...

I love Abby, she only wants what every girl wants, a dream husband, to have children and their happily every after. But she supports and understands Jake.

Now, Jake on the other hand, he has issues... and he is being an ass... but with reason... still an ass. But he redeemed himself after big time and that was really cute.

This is well written and is under both POV's. What is a happily every after without the bumps along the way to get there?

It is hot, sweet and with just the right amount of angst. A must read if you've read their first book.

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