The Consequences (The Chronicles of Katrina, #4)

The Consequences (The Chronicles of Katrina, #4) - Karin Tabke ★★★★★ Stars!

The story continues exactly where it left off in the last book where Amanda, Simon’s sister-n-law, claims Simon as hers! And I thought ugh here we go, Kat is gonna take off on him again, but NO….. she will surprise you!

This 4th instalment did not disappoint! A short read, finished it in no time… it’s fast, meaning it’ll keep you in the edge of your seat, sexy, action-packed, funny, and just.. hot!

Kat, a genius scientist with a little insecurity, whose character is just adorable. And yeah her doubts are again tested with Simon, but she’s there to stay and fight this time.

Simon, a protective, possessive hot alpha and his secrets are finally all out in this series.


Sex factor is steamy hot!There’s a scene there where Kat handcuffs Simon who did NOT like it but the other Simon down there is saying otherwise? That was kinda really hot!


Amanda seriously needs to have her brain checked. Though I don't quite agree that her issue is a close topic, and what about Simon's niece? There is a next book right? Cause it couldn't just possibly end there, I need more!!!!


And that's beside Evan, and there's Kat's career... what's next for her?

And what about the hot and sexy Special Agent Jack Thornton, I can’t wait to read his story! But that’s gonna be another book… so yay!

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