Broken Truth

Broken Truth - Beth Ashworth A Joint-review by Silvana & I.... ♥

~*~*~*~My REVIEW ~*~*~*~

My Rating : ★★★★✩

This book is really romantic, it’s light and it has just the angst to keep me at the edge of my seat.

Charlotte a.k.a. Charlie’s life is perfect, she has her dream job… a dreamy, rich and near-perfect boyfriend for 16 months…. and she has the most amazing best friends.

But what if your perfect boyfriend, the one you loved so much, is not so perfect after all?

The story has a shocker factor and my heart broke for Charlie.


Lots of action and emotions for a short read, I loved it! I love all the characters in the book except of course for the villains. And that epilogue in the end? Perfect!

~*~*~*~SILVANA’S REVIEW~*~*~*~


Let me start by saying I was ready to give up on the book towards the 30% mark but I decided to keep going, not because it was bad, on the contrary this book is well written however I felt it was dragging a bit. I am so glad I decided to keep going though, towards the half way mark I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!! I very much enjoyed the angst and the fact that you did not know what will happen next….


I did feel bad for Charlie a tiny bit but really the girl was in denial, she should have seen the signs!! I should have been angry with Callum but I couldn’t be, he was my favorite and all the time I was reading, I was rooting for him!


This is a sweet book with the right amount of angst, romance and twists, not to forget it is a Standalone!

“What do you choose?”

“Us,” she finally whispered. “I choose us, Callum.”

“Our future was on course for a path of twisted destruction, Callum. But we changed it. We chased the darkness away and we won,”

The end was so sweet, felt just right!

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