Hellion - Elle Casey I had high expectation after reading Rebel... so many holes left I'm hoping there would be more in this sequel. But it didn't really go far in this book either.

I love Quinland, a.k.a Quin, she makes me laugh.... but I don't get her attitude here towards Mick at all! It is funny at first but it became just annoying after.


Mick, yes he is HOT, but for a hellion, his character has tamed a LOT in this book, which again disappoints.

This is written under Quin's POV. The story is more about Quin, her family, her devotion to her young brother. Then there's her snappy attitude towards Mick.

There's still the issue of Teagan's father... which is the only reason really that I wanted to continue reading the series. And I was hoping to get to know Teagan and Rebel more. None of those happened.

This is a short read. It has humour and some hotness factor. For moi, the characters disappoint and the story disappoints.


But I'm hoping the third book will make up for it big time!!!!

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