Concealed - Victoria Michaels This book started out really good, then the story just dragged on, then the end, for moi, was just okay.

It had me at the start, Sydney's character was easy to like. She has a mysterious past and she will do everything to protect Faith, her daughter. Trying to live a normal life until she feels a threat coming and she'll have to run again. I like Sydney, I get that she was young and she didn't know what to do but she did good with Faith. Crushing with the town sherriff, Wade, was cute!

Wade was a bit mysterious to start with, but when his mystery unravelled, I don't find it such a biggy really. But I find his showing interest and pursuing Sydney funny and hot.

I love Faith, the things a child would say, it was really funny. For me, she is an added bonus in the story.

The story really got me from the start. It's too bad I feel like it dragged after to lose my interest. The plot was interesting. The romantic factor was funny with all their friends helping them out. The little twist in the end was good but.....