In the Firelight

In the Firelight - Sibylla Matilde ★★★★ SEXY STARS!!!!

Rhys Weland works on a multi-million dollar development firm as an architect but who also charms and screws his way through resistance to the company's projects. Now he is being sent to a little town called Snowcreek to charm and screw Shea Madison, a feisty and independent woman, who made it her mission to keep their project out!

Rhys pictured Shea to be a lumberjack woman, with hairy upper lips and big buck teeth and unibrow.... but what he found was a beautiful, curvy little, hazel-eyed, foul-mouthed angel.

This is a sexy, hot, funny, romantic novel that is beautifully written, with just a little angst around the climax of the story.

Rhys definitely doesn't play nice and you'll grow to love him. Shea might be a little bit of a potty mouth but she's got her head on her shoulder, she's real and I love her independence.

Sex was hot, though the "F" word is spoken like really a lot!

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