The Truth (The Chronicles of Katrina, #3)

The Truth (The Chronicles of Katrina, #3) - Karin Tabke What the hell! So when is the next book? What the fudge, this is torture!


Since Katrina met Simon, her life has been a roller coaster, a hell of a roller coaster indeed! She's fallen for Simon. But there's another woman in Simon's life, Kat fears the man with all the answers will never give her the most important one--that he's hers and hers alone.

Simon is so mysterious, yet he's slowly telling Katrina things that could get him in trouble... but he's determined to help Katrina fight her battles and keep her close.

Again, sooooo hot, soooo intoxicating... so wicked to leave things hanging in the end!!!! Gah!!!!

I can't wait for the next book!!! Where is it????


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