Edge of Chaos (Sons of Chaos MC, #1)

Edge of Chaos (Sons of Chaos MC, #1) - Brynn O'Connor ★★✩ STARS

I'd love a good hot biker romance story.... and sad to say this one is not one of those.

Kayla, her character is not consistent. First, she sounded like she wanted to embrace the biker world... she went through a lot! Luke had given her a choice and she chose his world. After all she's been through all the acceptance and the training, she suddenly couldn't decide what she wants, the once tough character I liked about her was gone.

Luke, I wanted so much to feel for him but I don't know why I just couldn't. I feel like his character wasn't built solid enough for me to relate to him.

The story is all over the place and it felt like it was never gonna end. And it never did. Story continues on the next book. Hotness factor? It was close to none. 

I so wanted to like this book.


Cover is hot though.

Will I be reading the next one? Maybe.

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