Catch Me

Catch Me - Claire Contreras ★★★★ very catching stars!

It had my attention from the start to finish. It touches a lot of issues, drugs, pressures, friendships, self worth and well yeah, romance.

Brooklyn, pushed too far by her parents expectations, all she can see is her failure, then comes drugs, then death. Her story is heart wrenching, and I felt it all. Her reluctance and pain I sympathize.

Nick a.k.a. Shadow is really hot and just perfect, I love his allure. The chemistry between him and Brooklyn gave me goosebumps, I find that really hot.

“You never got a chance to tell me who you were here with,” he says, the rasp in his voice potent near my ear.

I swallow loudly, trying to unclog the haze in my ears that my ricocheting heart is causing. “I’m not with anybody,” I respond, surprised at how steady my voice is.

He pulls back, narrowing his eyes as he drops his hand from my face. “Fair enough. Who are you leaving with?” he asks.

Looking at him I can only think of one reply, so I answer before I chicken out. “You,” I say, mouthed, not spoken.

Shea, he is an ass, but I love his friendship with Brooklyn despite.

The story is heartening, romantic and sexy.

Though I find that it kinda ended so fast?! That was my only concern really. Otherwise, I loved it.

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