Unwrapping Holly

Unwrapping Holly - Lisa Renee Jones 4 steamy stars!

Holly Redding, a criminal lawyer turned full time writer, is in instant lust at first sight when she literally bump into Cole Wiley. Her character here is a bit jumpy. She wants to explore new things with Cole but on a little commotion she goes running.

Cole wants Holly the minute she bumps into him, but his a "no time for commitment" kind of guy, but he doesn't mind unwrapping Holly and he certainly wants more of her.

Together they're hot.

The story is quite simple, man meets woman, they give in to their attraction, one thing leads to another and then feelings develop.

I enjoyed reading this and next thing you know, I'm close to the end of the book.

If you're looking for a short and light read but is sexually hot and romantic, this book is for you.

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