Until You (Fall Away, #1.5)

Until You (Fall Away, #1.5) - Penelope Douglas It's true, if you love Jared in Bully, you will understand and love him more here.

I love reading Jared's POV. Though again, I will say there is no excuses for bullying and I loved that he owned it here! That was the missing piece in Bully but when I read and reviewed that book, I looked at it more on Tate's perspective. I wanted Jared to own what he did.

“Now, I could go on about mommy didn’t love me and daddy hit me, but who doesn’t have a story, right?” I asked. “There are times when we can blame a situation on others, but we own our reactions to them. There comes a point where we are the ones responsible for our choices and excuses don’t carry weight anymore.”

It is sad that there exist in this world parents who don't deserve to have children. I could never understand why Jared's mom was never around, even after she had help... and his dad is one of the worst scam bags in this earth. I feel for Jared, his pain, his protectiveness to his brother.

This isn't just about a walk through with Jared's viewpoint on what happened to him in Bully... it's about what happened to him before, then, and after, how he lost himself and how he redeemed himself after.

And you get to finally meet his brother, Jaxon, here.

Again, beautifully written, loved the quotes, specially this one:

You’re poisonous, toxic, bad for my health.
You’re greedy, sly, way too stealth.
You hurt me, use me, mistreat and abuse me.
But your apologetic eyes,
As you tell your lies,
Draw me back in,
And I forgive every sin.
I take you back,
Your love is my crack.
I’m clearly a masochist,
You’re my personal terrorist.
My tormentor,
My lover,
My bully,
My friend.
(by Sherelle Ross)

And since this book was never supposed to be written, I'm glad it was.