Hard As It Gets (Hard Ink, #1)

Hard As It Gets (Hard Ink, #1) - Laura Kaye This didn't hold my attention as much.

Becca Merritt's brother is presumed kidnapped and the only person who can help her is Nick.

Nick doesn't want anything to do with the Merritt's... Frank Merritt, Becca's father, was their army commander, who burned them, destroyed their credentials, that got them "dishonourable discharge". But there's something about Becca that he couldn't ignore.... plus the mystery behind her brother's kidnapping might lead to clearing their names.

There is action, humour, the hotness factor and mystery.

For me, it was alright.... And I love that Becca is not a whiny female character. She holds her own and she recovers fast. I find the story quite long and just a bit boring. But again, maybe that's just me... I like a little more romance in my book and a lot more action and emotions.... ;)