End Game (The Game, #3)

End Game (The Game, #3) - A.J. Carella 3.5 stars.....

The final chapter of Kyle and Tara. The story picked up from where Tara went back to Sergei hoping to finally meet her daughter. While Kyle races to reach Tara in time before Sergei kills her. While Sergei will make sure that Tara pays for running away.

Again, a really short read. I truly enjoyed the storyline.... With this final chapter, I can't believe how naive Tara is, I guess she's blinded by the thought of just meeting her daughter. I am just a tad bit disappointed on the ending, I felt it quite rush leaving so many holes. But, all in all, I enjoyed the whole series.

I would suggest you buy the box set of this series which is available now for only $.99 at Amazon.