Hey There, Delilah (A Taboo Love Series #1)

Hey There, Delilah (A Taboo Love Series #1) - M.D. Saperstein,  Andria Large A 3.5 stars!!! Hey There, Delilah is a fun, hot, light read.

Delilah, a self proclaimed frumpy girl, caught her boyfriend doing the deed, doggie style, with her bitch of a boss. She quit her job (obviously) and dump her cheating boyfriend of (almost) 8 years!

In comes Nick Santino, she became the secretary of the gorgeous, rich, powerful, and mighty cocky controlling partner at Santino Law Firm. Delilah is definitely a goner.

Nick is a player - a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy... and the only reason he hired Delilah as his secretary is because he isn't attracted to the frumpy girl. But he can't seem to get Delilah off his mind.

Till one night at Club Masquerade, where everyone wears a mask and a nametag with a fake name and no speaking permitted to keep ones identity, she hooked up with a hot guy named "Nico" a.k.a. Nick. And Nick, doesn't know Lala is Delilah.

LaLa #128: Why did I wear what?
Nico #812: Don’t play coy. The red lace.
LaLa #128: Oh, this old thing. I wore it because I knew u would like it
Nico #812: And how did u know I would be here?
LaLa #128: Because I knew u would be waiting for me
Nico #812: That smart mouth is going to get u into a world of trouble
LaLa #128: Then maybe u have something to keep my big mouth quiet?
Nico #812: And what would it take to achieve that feat?
LaLa #128: At least 8 in
Nico #812: Woman, u r killing me & I haven’t even touched u yet
LaLa #128: What r u waiting for?
Nico #812: Dance with me?
LaLa #128: I still don’t even know who u are
Nico #812: Turn around & look toward the bar.

I pretty much enjoyed this book! You get to read both POV. Though Delilah appears to be smart and witty but her insecurity makes her act childish. And Nick? Well, he's just hot! ;)

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