Never Let Go

Never Let Go - Scarlett Edwards I've read Scarlet Edwards Change of Hearts books and loved it. This one, the verdict is still out there. It's 3.5 a bit of a limbo stars for me.

The book is definitely well written, funny and romantic.

Paige was brought up by her grandmother in a very conservative way. The mantra drilled into her at the all-girls’ boarding school she attended is that sex is bad. Her whole life has been structured to teach her the dangers of pre-marital sex. Going to college was her fresh start. And on her first day, she met Andrew and Spencer, two hot guys who are the complete opposite to each other. While Andrew is wholesome, sweet and very responsible, Spencer is the bad boy, known as the universities "walking one-night stand."

I am ambivalent on Andrew and Spencer's story or character. And Paige, while I get her on some parts, on other parts I'm like "huh?" It might just be me, but I feel like something is missing.


But I'm hopeful. I can't wait for the next part of their story.

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