Angel After Dark (After Dark Series)

Angel After Dark - Kahlen Aymes 3.5 Stars!

Dr. Angeline Hemming, beautiful and sassy, is a respected criminal profiler. In exchange for a free commercials to promote her favourite charitable cause, she answers calls and gives relationship advice on a radio program.

Alexander Avery is a gorgeous successful corporate man who doesn't believe in love. He believes on mutual arrangements that suits both party. Like his girlfriend of convenience, he gives her what she needs, which is money, and they enjoy each other. Nothing more. Till his girlfriend called Angel's program telling her own version of their relationship.... and Alex, jumping to his own conclusion as to what advise Angel gave, he decides to give Angel a piece of his mind.

And the battle begins.

It's more like Angel didn't like Alex's lifestyle when it comes to women and she vowed to not fall into his charm and finding it hard to do so, while Alex won't stop till he gets what he wants, and that's Angel. Angel though is scared of getting hurt.


Character wise, I would have like Angel, sassy, no-nonsense, knows what she got and is not afraid to use it type.... but, she is a too blasé when it comes to men.. blaming that on her job.... but yeah, for me, it was just way over the top. Then she sometimes acts out like a spoiled brat.

I love Alex, he does find his way to get what he wants but in a quite romantic way. And he definitely is persistent.

It's hot, romantic and then there's that danger twist which adds more spice in the story. Written in both POV.

I know it says book 1, so it's expected that the story doesn't finish in this book. I definitely will want to read the next book.

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