Buying Mackenzie's Baby

Buying MacKenzie's Baby - Kim Rees This is one of those impulses read and sad to say this book is not for me.

If you like those meek, can't speak up, just run when it goes too much kind of female character, then this is for you.

Kate is pretty much all that. When her husband calls her a gold digger and divorced her, she just took it as it is. Ugh!

Then 7 years later, she had a one drunk one night stand with no other than her ex! Pregnant, she goes and ask for his help cause she is flat broke. And of course he'd ask her to marry him again just so he can hurt her back!

I get the hate the comes from the ex, Mack, with his family history and all... but dear God, if he chose to believe someone else than his then wife and even after, his just not worth it!

But then again, you can't chose whom you'll fall in love with, yeah right.

And the wicked evil sister of Kate, Francesca, didn't even get what's coming for her! Again Ugh.

So yes, it did incite something while reading this, I was like freaking mad!!! lol... And I was glad when it finished.