Wrecked - Priscilla West I only made it to 50%. It is well written and all... but personally, it was just boring, irritating and I wanna say predictable? But I didn't finish it so I can't.

I'm sorry but the female character, Lorrie, is just beyond irritating. I get she's broken, it's sad what she's been through and she doesn't want to get involve but she likes Hunter but only as friends.... Then when she found out that Hunter got BJ from other girls, she blows a gasket, and it's all Hunter's fault!


To start with, it was pretty dumb that she fell on the frozen lake. But moving on... I find nothing to like about Lorrie... I tried, but no... she makes me wanna poke my eyes, anything!


Hunter, a hot MMA fighter, who I find really patient and kind, but what does he sees in her? I have no idea. Much as I want to know what Hunter's secret is, I can't read more, I just can't. But I'm guessing it's gonna be bad, sad, and it's gonna make me love Hunter more. And I hope Lorrie wakes the hell up!

So yeah, this book is not for me...

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