Solace in Scandal

Solace in Scandal - Kimberly Dean The story started kinda slow for me and I was almost halfway, but I'm persistent and continued reading and I'm glad I did!

This is a story about the two people who has suffered as a result of their family's fonzi scheme. To Elena Bardot, "once her classmates at NYU had figured out who her father was, the attacks had been relentless. The harsh accusations, the scathing stares, the stalking by the press …" She accepted a family friends offer to stay at the Wolfe Mansion where she can be left alone and she can "lick her wounds and concentrate on her studies." She needed to finish her doctoral degree. But...

Alex Wolfe was released 6 months early. He was sent to prison for a crime he took no part of and paid for his grandfather's crime. He wants to get away from everything and be left alone and where he can control his surroundings, at the Wolfe Mansion.

Two people finding solace in the Wolf Mansion and in each other.


This book is hot, romantic and sexy. And I very much liked it! Your heart will go out to Alex and Elena, on how they fought against the world and what one would do to protect the ones they love.

Thank you HarperCollins UK, Avon through Netgalley for the arc for an honest review.

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