Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line - Annabelle Eaton A quite sweet, fun, romantic read!

Amelie hated the way her parents wants her to be… she hated her snubby parents who acts like everyone is below them. Her way to get away from all that was to get a job, save money and move out. She didn’t want to touch her trust fund cause that would defeat her cause to be different from her family. So she got lucky and landed a job as PA to the dreamy Aden Ford. Though I seriously think she really did any work at all since they let’s say ” crossed the line!”

I love Amelie’s character, she is funny, her mouth just doesn’t seem to know when to stop…. and too stubborn, and sexy…. and just fun crazy…. though I find her stubborness quite childish at times to borderline irritating. Still, she is adorable. And that’s exactly why Aden fell in love with her.

 “I love you, your overreactions and lack of thinking before you speak. And having no brain to mouth filter only adds to the fun.”  - Aden.

Aden is just dreamy, hot, sexy and fun! The most reasonable, understanding, supportive between the two. I love him. You can tell that he is just crazy about Amelie.

The story is well written, under Amelie’s POV. It got me from start to finish. It is quite funny and sweet. Definitely lots of sex! Setting is in London, so I’m just picturing them with their accent and I think it’s just cute!

It ended so fast though and I’m not sure if there is a second book and if there is how it’ll be worth another story cause I seriously don’t wanna go through the same thing over again. But I wouldn’t mind reading more about Aden and Amalia’s relationship update.

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