3 stars!!! A Reason to Breathe by C.P. Smith

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Jennifer Stewart, after losing her husband and with her daughter off to college, she decided to restart her life and pursue her dream. She wants to move high in the mountains of Colorado with deer and bears for my neighbours and pursue a job of journalism, and so she moved to Crested Butte, Colorado, where she will be an entertainment reporter for the Gunnison Times. But Jenn’s got more than she bargained for when she not only caught the eyes of the hot and sexy sheriff, Jack Gunnison, but also attracted the eyes of a killer.


Jack Gunnison has his hands full when Jenn made it her mission to figure out who the killer is…. It doesn’t help that he wants her bad…. and, he has a killer to find.

This book got a lot of ravings so I decided to finally read this…. and this is what I think…


Jenn is 39 years old that acts like a dimwitted teenager.. her character is just beyond irritating! There is innocent and cute and funny but there is also too much and exaggeration and childish and just plain playing stupid.




She goes and call the women whom Jack had dated to warn them that a killer might be after them? What the hell!!! And at first it was cute and funny when she gets in trouble with the Sheriff and she’d think of moving/running away, but she does it ALL THE TIME it’s beyond irritating!!!! And yeah, run she did!!!! Oh and her reply when she was asked why she went half-cocked and run, her answer to the deputy, Barry, was, “I’m not going half coked, I thought this through while in the bathtub.” Wow, she is definitely 39 going 6…. And oh, a killer is out there looking for you, what do you do? Talk to a complete stranger in a bar and agree to let him walk you to your car!

Jack is a complete hot, sexy, alpha man… I like that he is all macho, with that “all MINE” alpha thing going… though this supposedly hot banter between Jack and Jenn was… I hate to say it…. CHEESY, sorry…. Just to mention some; there’s a lot going about “tanning her hide” and her being his kryptonite… ugh!




The plot could be really interesting except why the hell all of the men in that area is falling for Jenn? Wow!




Then I thought it was finished, mystery solved… but the story just stretched on, which was just an overkill!

What I did like was the surprise on who the killer was…. that’s a thumbs up for me…




That said, this book is definitely NOT for me…


Written on both Jenn and Jack’s POV.



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