Lovely Vicious

Lovely Vicious - Sara Wolf Writing is a 5 Stars....
The Characters :
Jack : 3.5 Stars
Isis : 3 Stars
Storyline : 3.5 Stars

Isis is 17, she was only 15 when she fell in love, got her heart broken, humiliated to the point of a shattered self esteem that she never got over... and she's counts every day to that day her heart was shattered. I for one think this girl needs help. She is just way too young to be too cynical and bitter. It doesn't help that she's got no one to talk to, so I guess her therapy is "Let's get Jack!"

Jack, is hot and popular and all the girls in their school wants him. except Isis of course. She hates Jack for his lack of interaction and for being cold and dismissive to his fangirls... So he became her enemy... And she made it her mission to take him down. And I do believe she went too far when she plated drugs on his locker.

While Jack, only really wants to be left alone.... so he fought back in every turn, hoping that it would stop Isis. So the shenanigans begins!

The story revolves around these two trying to up each other! Mostly, it's about Isis scheming to humiliate Jack... and also about her thoughts of insecurity and pain from an ex who called her "fat, ugly and unlovable." 2 years ago and counting. To the end of the book she never really voiced out the complete details on what really happened... I, the reader, am supposed to connect the puzzle with every bits and pieces given I guess for now?

Then, there is also this mystery that surrounds Jack.... and it involves a girl named Sophia... But at least this mystery unravelled at the end. At least something did. Though there are still holes on that story.

All this mischiefs and shenanigans though for me was only cute for a while... it got tiring.... I was getting tired of Isis acting all immature... cause she is a smart girl who can be real responsible... but she puts on a front of immaturity as her defence mechanism from feeling anything.

I ldid like that Jack sees the real Isis... and I liked those civil and honest moments they had, despite Isis being always drunk.

It is a bit harder for me to get into the two main characters... with Isis never letting up and Jack's, well, he is still a mystery to me.

There are other characters that is also involved in the story... Kayla, Wren and Avery. I did feel that there was character growth on Kayla and Wren... but with Avery, she needs to go to jail.

This start of the sequel ended on a cliffy. While yes, the cliffy makes me want to read the next book... but what I'm really hoping or looking forward to is for a more calmer lead female protagonist and to know Jack more.

I want to say this is so YA... it is when it comes to Isis.... but there is also that part about Jack... I would put him on the adult category though. I don't want to do any spoiler so I can't say why. ;)