Magic Breaks

Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews 10 STUNNING STARS!

You know those kind of book that you just can't wait for it to finish? Well, this isn't one of them! I just want the story to continue and never end cause it was really stunningly good!!!

Another action packed, full of thrills and surprises and intense emotions!

Amazingly written! An explicitly narrated action scene that was just mind blowing! It's like I'm in the centre of it all, watching every moves, every details... cheering for Kate to fight and never give up! Then, there are scenes that somehow I knew was coming, and my heart beats real fast, dreading and hoping... then the story takes me even way beyond my expectations! I say wow! Not to mention those mystifying and powerful scenes that still plays in my head even long after reading.

Kate's character never bend or falter. She lives to fight, still lust for blood, but she is full of love! She will fight and even sacrifice herself if it will protect everyone she cares for. She is a powerful and an amazing fighter but there is that vulnerability in her that makes me just wanna give her a hug and wish everyone would give her a break, lol.

Curran was also again amazing! Perfect perfect alpha! His love and need for Kate is just intense, and vice versa.

I leaned over to him and kissed him. I kissed him, trying to tell him all of the things I couldn’t put into words. I tried to tell him that I loved him, that he meant everything to me, and that I would fight for him. Nobody would take him away from me, because if they tried, I would carve a path right through them. He kissed me back, and tasting him was heaven. He was right here, alive, warm, and mine—but only until tomorrow. I held on to him. I’d just gotten him back. I couldn’t lose him. Not now.
“I love you,” I told him.
“I love you, too.”.

In this sequel, Kate continues to deal with the affairs of the pack while still struggling to keep her investigative business afloat. Then one of the Masters of the Dead was found murdered and apparently at a hand of a shapeshifter, Kate must find the killer within twenty four hours... and stop a war that could kill everyone she cares for.

The book started with Barabas's journal, giving you a thorough chronicle of the previous events, from the beginning to the present. I really loved that!

Then there are the supporting characters that is a huge part of the series. I love all of them... Even Desandra and Christopher surprised me in this sequel. Together they form a tight dysfunctional family.

Not to forget the humour....

“Hey, Kate? Have you thought of walking up to Hugh and telling him that he’s got the biggest dick ever?” She spread her arms to the size of a baseball bat.
“No, you think it would work?” I asked.
“It’s worth a try. Maybe he’ll be so happy you noticed his pork sword, he’ll forget all about trying to kill us.”
Pork sword. Kill me now. “I’ll think about it.”
Ascanio began patting his clothes.
“What?” Derek growled.
“Looking for something to take notes with.”

I really didn't want the story to stop... I'm on what they call "book hangover". ;) HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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