The Captive Series Bundle (Books 1-4)

The Captive Series Bundle (Books 1-4) - Erica Stevens 3.5 Stars!

Well for the first sequel of the book, it was really good, I'd give that 4 stars... But moving forward to the 2nd and 3rd part of the sequel, the story dragged on... There was way too much and too long conversations that I really can do without. It made my interest on the story slowly drift off. I needed to get off the boredom! I had to pause reading and divert myself with something interesting....

But even with the in-between reading diversions, I hate to say this, but yeah, I resorted to skimming on some of the pages because it was really just too boring with those tedious conversations! Which isn't really a good thing to do cause then I'd get all confused on the next scene, then I'd had to backtrack. :D

The 4th and final book of Aria and Braith's story, was good. One of those I'd call: "I liked it but not loved it."

I did love the characters though... Aria is brought up a fighter, a rebel agains't the vampire, and she can shoot an arrow and never miss a target... she is fast and she can jump from tree to tree or rooftops, whatever is there for her to go higher with.... And she is also sweet and the part that I appreciate most, despite her tough exterior, she is quite feminine emotionally, since I find she easily tear up. (Not being sexes here ;) ).

Braith, he reminded me of Wrath in Black Dagger Brotherhood... but only cause they are both blind and powerful, and also heir to the thrown, or the King of vamps. ;) But, Wrath is still the best! Not saying I don't love Braith, cause I do. He is too the perfect alpha... and he would do anything and everything to protect Aria.

The world building was interesting.

The supporting cast and characters were alright. I couldn't really say who amongst them stands out the most for me. It could just be cause "they talk too much!" LOL. I like a man with a few words and more action!!!!

I did enjoy the climatic action scenes. Then there was a "supposedly" twist on the story... but because the story felt stretched, I was already guessing what it was and I wasn't far from wrong.

This is a vampire and human love story on a dystopian setting where the vampire rules and humans are mere slaves and food.

I think this series would have been awesome if you cut all unnecessary. That is just my opinion. :D But for only $0.99 cents and I got the complete series bundle, I really can't complain... ;)