Point of No Return

Point of No Return - Tiffany Snow 3.5 Stars!

If I were to rate this based on the writing, on how the story pushed all sorts of emotions, and on the suspense part, I'd say 5 Stars!! My rating above though is based on how much I enjoyed this final part of this series.

I did enjoy this, BUT at the same time I find some parts a bit redundant and extreme. Which part? The part where someone wants to kill Kathleen over and over! And lets add the love triangle angle, even when it was finally resolved... yet Blane's feeling towards Kathleen was again being exploited... And because of that, I almost ended up not liking Kathleen and Kade. And I don't want that.

I really was not liking the start of this book. I didn't get it. All the characters was disappointing to start with... , but then they were somehow restored.

And while I am happy for Kade and Kathleen, I really am heartbroken for Blane. But I guess there is no way around that or is there?

And I don't even get Branna's sudden entrance. It felt like," let's make Blane happy, bring back Branna!" Doesn't help that I just could not like her! I feel sorry for her, but still don't like her.

But like I said, I am happy for Kade and Kathleen and I enjoyed reading their happy moments. It was sweet, hot and very romantic.

I love the humour... highlighting the fact that it's hard not to like Kathleen's character cause she is really sweet and adorable.

I love Kathleen and Kade's ending... not so much on the Blane's ending. At the end of the book, I have this quite confused feeling.. not saying the ending was confusing... cause it was good in it's own way.