Out of Turn

Out of Turn - Tiffany Snow 4 Exhausting Stars!

This love triangle going on between the brothers and Kathleen is exhausting!!!! Just share her already! LOL... There was that closet scene that I'm like, "oh okay, they're going to share now".. which seriously would have been soooo HOT! But of course, they had to still fight for her!

So yeah, this "who gets the girl thing" has just got to end! It's driving me insane!!! I love both brothers. I could say I'm team Kade, but doesn't mean I am not team Blane still.... cause they are both such good men!

How is it that everyone that surrounds them is out to kill Kathleen!!! OMG, however is this girl still walking with everything she's been through! Grazed by a gun, run over by a car, punched, kicked, cut by a knife, and more!!! How is she even still functioning like nothing happened? I would need therapy after all that! Add to that her battle of feelings towards the brothers!

I seriously need to stop reading this series cause my heart can't take no more! But since this series has me hooked like a fish, I couldn't stop reading! The author certainly knows how to push all emotions to the edge!

I couldn't even not like Kathleen! Her character is well defined, all sweet, innocent, honest and all heart!

And the suspense never ends!!! Something always comes out and Kathleen is 99% of the time the target! Poor girl! Seriously, how hard is it to kill her? LOL. Sorry, just need to say that. Doesn't mean I want her dead.

In this sequel, Blane is being framed on the murder of his ex... then an old enemy is out of jail and is blaming Kathleen for everything and has hired killers to kill Kathleen..

So okay, in this book, I am not happy with Blane. I may even forgive him re the Kandi, his ex, part... but waiting for 3 months to talk to Kathleen? I say bad call!

While Kade stepped up big time or shined big time here. He gave up his old profession for Kathleen for crying out loud! ;)

When Kathleen is with Kade, she's all playful and happy... and when she's with Blane, it's all intense and heavy. How do you pick one seriously?

Anyway, the story got me on that never ending suspense... The angst regarding the love triangle which, I repeat, is driving me INSANE! It is frustrating! But the bonds between these three lead characters is intense, I don't want anyone of them hurt! But I know one will be.

I would have given this 5 stars again... but it bugs me how these hired assassins or bad people could not kill a semi-helpless girl! And, why almost everyone around Blane would want to kill her! And based on how the last book ended... I was most certain that Blane's character would do go wrong here, so it was no surprise that he did and that Kade's character would excel.... ;)

I am looking forward to the next book or the final chapter of the series!