Magic Rises

Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews 5 Stunning Stars!

I have nothing but high praises on this series. An urban paranormal fantasy series that is so addictive.. with it's stunning, jaw-dropping action scenes... with mysteries that keeps you wondering and hoping for the best outcome.... and the romance that is breathtakingly intense that made me giddy with happiness, I wanna hug everybody!!! Then there is that well placed and nicely delivered humour that makes this even more perfect!

In this sequel, Kate and Curran will do anything to get their hands on the cure on preventing shapeshifters from going Loup, specially the young. Loup is when the shape shifter could not control their beast and loses their humanity and become insane, so the Pack has no choice but to put them down. So when the Beast Lord, Curran, our hero, Kate's mate, were asked to protect a pregnant shapeshifter in a European Pack and in return will be paid with ten drums of panacea, their much needed cure, they cannot afford to say no despite their suspicions that there was more to it than just the tasks they are hired to do. And of course, they were not wrong!

This was, again, amazing! I do admit that when they go on and on and talk about mythologies and such, and though it is quite fascinating and it also sometimes kinda lost me there... yet it holds the clue on the mystery and I love how they all just fall together.

Kate is such a perfect smart and kick-ass heroine. She lives to fight, in fact, she lust for blood... BUT, she also has a good heart. And I am so happy she found a family with Curran and his Pack.

Curran, the Lord Beast, is all strong and powerful and scary and of course, super hot..... He is the perfect alpha! And he says just the perfect thing. Sigh.


And I cannot get enough of the action scenes... to think this book has non-stop action! It was enthralling, I wanna read those scenes over and over! Kate with her slayer (her sword)... fighting off huge creatures and a lot of big bad shapeshifters! I loved it!


Kate and Curran's relationship were also tested here when Lorelei, daughter of Alaskan Pack's alpha, flirts openly with Curran. I "almost" hated Curran but never for a moment could I picture him going for such vain and stupid little girl... Definitely not on the same level with Kate. ;) Kate can squash her like cockroach, no pun intended... :D

That climatic scene was just STUNNING! Even when the tide has calmed and then again, you're left feeling hopeless... comes yet another beautiful surprise!

I also have this need to mention that this series has an amazing group of characters who create such a wonderful dysfunctional group dynamic who left such great impression in my heart... And when one is badly hurt or to the extent of dying... it never cease to leave me stunned and heartbroken.

Never a dull moment! So full of surprises! A story that is brilliantly written with amazing world building.
I am definitely itching for the next book! I cannot wait!

To all paranormal lovers who loves the action, suspense, the magic and of course, romance... I highly recommend!