Magic Bleeds

Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews 5 Stunning Stars!

holy batshit, this was crazy good! Lots of action and suspense! And the romance? OMG! Alpharephic hotness!!!

On with the suspense. The enemy : it's like "he who shall not be named", but this one is a she and she has 7 warriors, and she controls them, like puppets to cause chaos and kill! They are definitely bad news! And it gets better, the crazy psycho is Kate's aunt!

The action : well, Kate has to take down the 7 warriors, and her crazy aunt... and then there's the Order who are bigots! And doesn't back her up! And then there's the shapeshifter politics she has to deal with.

The romance : Finally!!!! A little bit of Mr. & Mrs. Smith foreplay, but no guns blazing, but a lot of slamming and kicking... Then, chika pow wow, chika pow wow! Hehe you know what I mean. Super hot and intense!!! Made my heart go boom!!!! ;)

And there is humour!!! A superb and beautifully written story always knows when to place a really good humour on the side! :D

Mesmerizing magical scenes, stunning fight scenes and beautiful world building.

A hot and scary bad-ass alpha..... a stunning and kick-ass heroine........ and a family of shapeshifters that grows on you.

I was left breathless at the end of the book, it was that good! Loved it! It really does get better and better and better!!!!

Enough said... moving on!!!! Did I say how much I am addicted and loving this series? I am!!! Big time!!!!