Red Hot Blues

Red Hot Blues - Rachel Dunning 4 Romantic Stars!

I started reading this on a lazy Sunday afternoon and finished just before dinner. It is light and an easy read, with just the right amount of angst... It has the blues, the jazz and a whole lot of country.

The story revolves around these two beautiful people, Ginger and Ace.

Ginger or Gin is beautiful with black hair and blue eyes, and with a sexy voluptuous body... though, she thinks she is fat, her big insecurity. Because you see, growing up she was always a little round and when she hits puberty, she just swelled out. And at the age of 17, she fell in love with the most wanted guy in school... then he broke her heart and walked away... bringing with him her confidence. So now, she prefers to be alone, avoiding all heartbreak, hiding behind her music. That is, until Ace came along.


I like Gin... despite her insecurity, she is happy, though a bit lonely. And I do picture her with a voice like Adele when she sings (I love Adele btw). Why? Cause her voice is described powerful and beautiful and she also sings Adele's songs. And maybe a bit of Kerry Underwood too, when she does country songs. Did I not forget she's suppose to have a voice of an angel?

Ace's way of dealing and forgetting is to run, from his broken home and loveless childhood... To talking with his fists... and with his smoking electric guitar, trying to keep the memories from hemorrhaging inside his mind. All he really wanted was to feel "peace". And Gin brought peace in his life.


My heart easily goes out to him. He is not one of those who are broken and starts acting like an ass. No, in fact, he is sensitive and honest... And when he showed his emotions, I thought it was beautiful.

Ace's story was a lot harder to take in what with his despicable father... How he would do anything to protect his sister and his mother against his father.

Then there's that special and tender way he is with Gin, showing her in more ways how sexy and beautiful she is to him. Needless to say, the sex were steamy and sweet.


There are those wonderfully written sigh worthy, magical moments... like their first kiss...

In my moment of doubt, my moment of wonder, time stops. The moment lasts forever. My hands on her upper arms, her hands on the railing. Both of us holding on, holding on to something. Too afraid to let go. Too afraid to take the next step. Me, because I don’t trust myself with her. Her, for reasons I don’t yet know.

But then she makes the next move.

She makes the move.

And I’m floored. Completely floored. But I’ll be damned if I don’t make the second one.

She turned, one moment to the next, and before I knew it, she had her left hand on my neck, yanking me down with all her strength.

When her lips met mine, my whole world exploded.

And everything changed inside me.


Their story is quite sincere... it is beautiful and heartwarming.

This is written in dual POV, both telling their story about their past and present.

I like how the author showcased Nashville... I felt like I went on tour for a bit and it sounds wonderful.

I did not expect the added suspense towards the end. That definitely got my heart pumping.

And the ending, I thought it was perfect.

Don't forget the music. Music played a huge part in their story. And I loved the lyrics, specially Red, Hot and Blues.... ;)

Beautifully written.

I would like to thank [a:Rachel Dunning|7211299|Rachel Dunning|] for giving us a copy of this book.

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