At Peace

At Peace - Kristen Ashley 4.5 Heartwarming Stars!

I actually loved this more than the first one...

What I love about this series is how the stories are not rushed... it goes on steady flow till it reach that climatic moment and of course, the most perfect ending.

There are similarities here with the first book... Like, where someone is obsessed with the female protagonist and is killing anybody that gets in his way... then there's that part about how she can make a certain specialty dish that she is famous for (within family/friends). ;)

There is still that "one sided type of conversation" where one constantly repeats saying the name of the person that she/he is taking to to but in, but the other just keeps talking, shutting the other person up. BUT, it wasn't too much this time, so it did not annoy me at all like the first book. ;)

I find Violet or Vi very likeable, sweet and she even kick-ass and a good mom... Though she can be so dense sometimes... But it's all good. ;)

While Cal or Joe, now, he is my kind of an asshole alpha male... Him being an ass gave the romance area a lot of angst, which I enjoyed! It only made their story a lot more interesting. But of course, he has reasons for being an ass. And he proved himself or made up for it big time the other half part of the story.

Vi is a widow with two lovely teenage daughters, who are adorable and they add colour to the story. The mother and daughters' bond was beautiful to read.

This is not just a love story, it's a story with substance... of family value and friendship.

Again, I appreciate the fact that, like the first book, despite the threat lurking around the corner, their story does not revolve around it.

What I didn't like here is Mike's part of the story... I like Mike, though it was obvious Vi liked him but not enough, but enough to just string him along, which I did not like... I'm just glad to see that Mike will have his own story too.

Love the romance, the suspense, the action, and the close knit that centred around the two main characters. To rate the writing alone, it's a 10.

Now I am more curious about Benny and Francesca's story which is still further up on the series, ugh.