For You

For You - Kristen Ashley 4 sweet... makes your heart a flutter star ;)

What I wasn't particularly fond of :

Those one sided conversations that seems to be the trend here. You know, where the other just keeps repeating the other person's name while the other one continues talking... I didn't mind it at first... But when almost everyone is just about doing this, well, it felt like there is no distinction to each characters.... :D

The story isn't quite that fast paced but it doesn't drag either. It goes on a steady flow, which I really don't mind.

What I loved most here is that:

I enjoyed the tight community feeling, where everyone knows everyone and got each other's back. Loved it.

I love the romance, Feb and Colt's story, their history which starts from childhood... It was heartening, heartbreaking and at one point, quite stupid if I may say so... it happens when both seems to have a great thing going and an amazing history together yet easily jumps to conclusions instead of communicating... But it somehow made their story.... And the second chances and reconciliations is always the sweetest... not to mention the hot "making up for the lost times" sex! ;)

I love how the author leads you to think of the worst then surprises you with another.

And of course, there's the suspense part of the story that'll keep you on the edge....

But what I loved most was that, despite the huge threat lurking around the corner... the characters, their story and romance went on and did not revolve around that particular theme.

Plus, there's always those beautiful alpha wordage that makes your heart flutter.... And of course, KA always leaves you with the most perfect ending! Loved it!