The Last Kiss Goodbye

The Last Kiss Goodbye - Karen Robards 4.5 GRIPPING STARS!

I actually enjoyed this more than the first one, "[b:The Last Victim|13114564|The Last Victim|Karen Robards||18288467]". I was more caught up on the profiling, and exploring into the mind of a serial killer. Plus, Charlie has managed to control her constant puking on crime scenes.. :D

In this sequel, to sum it up, murder comes knocking on Charlie's door, literally!!! So, with Charlie's life maybe in danger.... she and the FBI team lead by Agent Tony Bartoli, are once again out to stop a serial killer, this time known as "Gingerbread Man."

And on the personal aspect, Charlie is dealing with her feelings towards Michael.... because it is impossible and absolutely not healthy to have a relationship with a ghost!

It's really easy to like Dr. Charlotte “Charlie” Stone. She is sweet, simple, smart and as Michael often describes her, soft hearted.

Charlie is one of the top expert on criminal pathology... But what makes her special is that she can see the spirit or ghosts of the victims. On rare occasion, she is able to even talk to the ghost (which she was able to do on book 1). But, most often, the ghost can't see her... on those cases, she sends Michael to talk to them instead.

Michael Garland is dead and who's spirit or ghost has latched on to Charlie when he died. He is also very hot, sexy and charming that Charlie can't help being attracted to. I know she shouldn't... but even I like Michael. He grows on you. Though he does talk a lot. But he brings the humour and, I think, the heart on the story. I hope Charlie will look into his case next... cause in this book, you will hear more about Michael's story. The only problem is, I need him alive for Charlie!

Then there's Tony or Detective Bartoli who is also interested with Charlie. Though Tony is also hot, he just doesn't have that certain oomph that Michael has. Still, he has more chances with Charlie should Charlie pursue that option cause he is definitely alive and living!

So, okay, romance wise... I loved and hated it.... I really am not a fan of love triangles... and the thing is, I don't even know if there is one and where it is heading... It is frustrating and confusing! And Charlie does have hot sex with Michael... but that can only happen when Charlie's soul travels outside her body... it's the only time she can be in physical contact with Michael!

Anyway, setting aside the romance, there is also the mystery and suspense part of the story where Charlie and the FBI team tries to figure out who the Gingerbread man is! A lot of brutal and disturbing crime scenes... and a more disturbing mindset of the serial killer that is well narrated. Then there's that thrilling climatic ending that was stunning!

The story is constantly moving... loved it! An addictive romantic suspense series with a touch of paranormal.

And talk about that ending! OMG! Where is Michael's story heading! I don't think my heart can wait too long to find out!

And what's up with Agent Lena Kaminsky attitude! She is really getting on my nerves.

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