Ruthless People

Ruthless People - J.J. McAvoy 4.5 RUTHLESS STARS

You have me at "Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets the Sopranos... A romantic modern day crime fiction".

This is a story about Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan. Both comes from rival mafia families, whose marriage has been arranged to merge the two mafia houses, thus ending their decade long turf wars and making them even more powerful.

But Liam thought he is going to marry a simple minded wife who he can easily be controlled... So imagine his surprise to find out that...

Melody is not just beautiful, but lethal, sadistic, bloodthirsty, trigger-happy, and the most feared "Boss" of the Giovanni clan... who would rather die than give someone else the power she has spent her life building.

1 Marriage x 2 Bosses = 3x the Chaos

This is when the Mr. and Mrs. Smith similarity begins.... with the two trying to kill each other without actually killing each other... ;)

Till they both finally evolved and accepted that they should work together instead of killing each other.

Still, the crazies did not stop there!

But now, another powerful mafia group is out gunning for them!

The war between mafias commence!!!

“He pulls a knife,

you pull a gun,

he sends one of yours to the hospital,

you send one of his to the morgue . . .”

~ Al Capone

This is most definitely quite different from my usual reads and I liked it!

When you should decide to read this book, I would advice to try and keep an open mind.... remember these two are ruthless people, thus the title! There is no mobster with a conscience here but heartless criminals whose sole purpose is to be at the top of the business! So, expect a lot of brutal, violent and shocking scenes.

Though there were also moments that they would express their weakness.. which makes them as humanly as you can get.... and the only time I could empathize with the characters.

While Liam can be quite impulsive, impatient and childish... Melody is calm, controlled and emotionless. Obviously she is the brain between these two. But Liam has his moments too. And he brings the humour in the story. ;)

I really tried to understand the why's on Melody's extremely violent reactions when things doesn't go her way or she doesn't like what she hears.... but really, she is one cold crazy bitch! Making it a harder to like her even on her weakest moment.

Then there is that drama within their family.... Bringing a whole group of different characters that I find a little bit more on the normal side.... but with their own interesting story to tell as well.

“The family that mourns together

survives forever.”

~J.J. McAvoy

This is an action-packed thriller with romance and humour on the side.

The ending, though not a cliffy, is more like promise for more trouble to come! Definitely something to look forward to.

I would like to thank Mada, for recommending this book to me.


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