Too Much

Too Much - Lea Griffith I prefer my BDSM novel with a story.... and this book has lots of those Dom/Sub sex scenes, which is hot (not that I'm an expert on those, lol). But sad to say, the story didn't really take me anywhere... It concentrated more on their huge issue, which is TRUST! Cause the lead characters, Jeremiah Copeland and Daly Edwards, doesn't really trust each other.

The blurb, what with a criminal and a senator's daughter, then add trouble on the side, that really got my attention, made me really want to read this ASAP. Unfortunately, for what seems like a quite interesting blurb, was just that. There was really no action or suspense... in fact, the plot just rounded off in the end... The stories sole focus was just about the relationship issue. But, there was just this bit of angst that kept me going.

I find Daly, the female lead too stubborn that she doesn't really listen but insists on her own reasoning that it can be irritating cause it basically went on like this almost the entire story.

So, all in all, in other words, this book is just not for me.... ;)