The Keepers: Archer

The Keepers: Archer - Rae Rivers I was really looking forward to this one.... but it just didn't work for me. :( From the start to end, I could not get myself to like the heroine. I find her character way too annoying! And I'm sorry, the story itself was very disappointing. Halfway through I wanted to stop torturing myself and just give it up.

Sienna, the heroine, is a Beckham witch, which means she is a very powerful witch.... She got three protectors, or her guardian, known as the Keepers, which consist of Archer, Declan and Ethan, or the Bennett brothers. Because of something tragic that happened two years ago, she ran and left that life behind. But life has a way of catching up on her or evil has a way of finding her. And Archer comes to the rescue.

Archer is a warrior, one of Sienna's Keeper and he is a water elemental, meaning he can manipulate the water... As a Keeper, he will protect Sienna will his life. But he is more than her Keeper... he is her friend, family and more, attraction/in-love more. But it is forbidden for a Keeper and a Beckham witch to have a relationship.

So anyway, now that her enemy has found her, Archer and his brothers brought her back so they could protect her. Now this is where their story begins.

First, Sienna does not make it easy for her Keepers to protect her. She lies or omits to tell the truth on a situation that she could have given her protectors a heads up to avoid getting hurt or killed. Then every time something bad happens, she goes on guilt trip.. thinking it is all her fault. By making it harder for her guardian's to protect her, I say "yes it is!" And this is how she explains herself :

“Don’t treat me like I’m an overprotective big brother, Sienna. You put all our lives at risk by not telling us that you met with Warrick.”
“He caught me off guard, Declan.”
“Yeah, well a little whisper, a scream, a sign – anything – would’ve been nice to warn us that Warrick is back in town and brushing toes with our witch right under our damn nose.”
“Don’t be snarky, Declan.”
“Oh, I’ve earned several hits of snarky,” he snapped. “You lied to us tonight and almost got us killed in the process.”
“That’s not fair.”
“You shouldn’t have lied, Sienna!”
“I didn’t lie.”
“Lie. Omission. Same bloody thing.”
“I was not about to let you go all crazy on him in the middle of Lora’s store, Declan. There were people around.”
“You should’ve told us!” he roared.
“Don’t yell at me!” she shouted back and then lowered her voice. “He surprised me. I needed time to process our conversation before I told you.”
“Yeah? An evil warlock’s back in town. What the hell’s there to process?”

Yes Sienna, WTH is there to process? And shows how much faith she has on her Keepers does it? This is where I almost "DNF" this book.

Guilt played a big part on Sienna's character and let's just say, it kinda gets old.....

I keep trying to remember how old she was, hell, how old they all were... for the life of me, I can't remember it was ever mentioned. So, maybe I thought they were young adults, well mostly on Sienna case cause she acts like one... But they're are not! YA I mean. Well, I didn't think so specially with the intimate scenes between Archer and Sienna.

There were scenes that I'd expect something magical to happen, like when Sienna channelled her power, but there wasn't really nothing special to it except her burning up and draining herself while concentrating. Then another scene where Archer described as :

They looked incredible together, a force to be reckoned with. So in control, so focused, so connected and the power that emanated off them was breathtaking.

So, I read that scene over again, looking for that part that he saw, and all I see was Sienna and Rose standing in the center of the pentagram, holding each others wrist, with their eye's closed. WTH! I guess I, as a reader, will just have to believe that they looked incredible together, LOL.

There's more of this btw, more of you to just imagine what happened, in other words, it lacks details.

And word!!!! There's a lot of Sienna going "I'm a Beckham witch, be afraid... be very afraid" (Those are my words by the way, you will not find those in the book, LOL, but I hope you get the drift).. What I'm trying to say is, there are more threats, words thrown, than action or a real show of power. Well, not till the peak of the story... and it wasn't quite an "omg" moment for me, but just alright.

I was hoping the romance will make up for what was lacking... but even that didn't really do it for me. I love that they had a history together and there's that forbidden thing going and them fighting the odds. But....

I'll just quote and borrow Sienna and Archer's words in the end :

“What just happened?”
He glanced at the dagger and the scroll, and gave a brief shrug of the shoulders. “I wish I knew.”

Is exactly how I feel, LOL...

Would I want to read the sequel... I think I'll pass. The story has it's moments, but it just wasn't for me.

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