Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson)

Sixth Grave on the Edge  - Darynda Jones 10 ALL SORT OF AWESOME STARS!!!

I want MORE!!!! What am I suppose to do now? This is insane! I want the next book and the next and the next ASAP!!!

This series is addictive! Be warned!!!! It got me so hooked that it's all I read the whole week!!! I wanted to read something in between, but every time I finished a sequel, I just want to continue! It doesn't really help that besides me loving this so much, the endings are always quite intriguing that makes me scream for the next book!!!! And need I mention it's written sooo amazingly well, I love every single page!!!!

Is it just me or is Charley now able to do her power more without getting provoked? I know she often do them when it's a life and death situation... but in this book, she's definitely learning!!! Yay, go kick-ass Charley!!! But really, with or without power, she is super uber delightful, life with Charley is a hoot! Plus, she does have a lot of empathy, you cannot help but just love her!

Then there is Reyes! He is sooo bad, my kind of PERFECT!!! I LOVE him!!!

And OMG, what a climatic scene, as if it wasn't intense enough, to add such sweet romance in the mix, that was just all sort of awesome!

Not to forget this series is full house of equally fun and interesting characters!

The ending, FRUSTRATING! Did I forget to mention I want the next book and the next and the next ASAP? It is that good!!! Keep it coming Ms. Jones!!!! This series is THE BOMB!!!! Seriously!!!!

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