Fifth Grave Past the Light

Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones 10 I CAN'T GET ENOUGH STARS!

And it only got better and better!!!! Omg, what an ending!!! Makes me want soooo much more! I cannot get enough of Reyes... he is sooo darn perfect! He really did make up big time to Charley. And all is good with her dad, so everything is perfect. Except I hate it when she's often hurt, wish she'd grow and learn on her power soon... what she was able to do in the ending, well, she should do that often!!!! She is really very very powerful! I love love love it!!!!

Charley is just such a delight, I wish she was my BFF too!!! And Cookie! Even the poor Garrett and Ubie. Such amazing cast of characters. I wish they really would make this into a movie.

And Charley and Reyes could not get any HOTTER! They are so perfect.

Moving on to the next book, which is really making me scared and sad cause I see book 6, no book 7 yet, and this series is really addicting and I really just want to keep reading!!!

Everything is just FA-BU-LOUS!!!