Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones AMAZING!!!! All that action and suspense!!! I just loved it when the heroine gets so mad and her superpower comes out!!! OMG! That was one hell of a surprise for sure!!!

Completely hilarious and just full of unexpected surprises! I love the way Ms. Darynda Jones ends each series, it drives me insane! (In a good way ;) ) And I just want to jump on the next book right away! Cause it is really that good!!!

I love how Charley tried to collect her fees from Reyes, how she did the math, she is just sooo much fun... and we know full well that she just wants to check on Reyes.... she stole my heart all the time. While Reyes goes up the top of my best male counterpart.

I am so in love with Charley and Reyes! So perfect and oh so hot!!! Even Charley and Donovan's kiss was hot!!! May I just add how I love that the jealousy part is not taken out of proportion, it all comes out "fun"... cause it's not really worth it, you can tell there is only Charley and Reyes really.

Enough said!!!!