Second Grave on the Left

Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones 5 Might Should Stars!!!!

I love it when the heroine's learns of her power slowly and surprises you... go Charley! And her character has such beautiful soul, so forgiving... and I love and get her humour! Like when she said that her and the barkeep Donnie never really seen eye to eye, I thought for a minute they don't like each other, but she goes on and say "Mostly 'cause he was much taller than I was." I thought that was just funny. And theres more where that come from. I mean, the things she thinks or says most of the times surprises me in a funny "haha" way.

And we get to know about Reyes, yay... no wonder I was told he is more powerful than Barron of Fever Series and Wrath of BDB... but he does have a more powerful enemy too. As I grow to love him... I feel for him and for Charley...

His words. His voice. His Stunning beauty. I was the reason he breathed? He was the reason my heart beat. - Charley.

Then there's Charley's bff Cookie... with the two of them together, it's a riot. And this time, Cookie joins Charley in finding her missing friend. But of course the bad guy will be there to stop Charley.

That makes this another action packed book! And lots of surprising twist towards the end. Gemma, her sister, was a wonderful surprise. Her dad is still a major disappointment, I think someone should punch him for me. I'm glad there's Cookie and Gemma who says what needs to be said that Charley won't say cause she is just that kind.

I could go on and on but I'd rather move on to the next book... ;)