First Grave on the Right

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones Loved it! What's not to like? A very funny.. I love all her quirkiness... kick-ass, smart, brave and very compassionate heroine. I love that, despite what that evil stepmother did to her, her spirit never broke. And who here has memories of the day they were born? Charley does! I think that is pretty cool!!!!

I love almost everyone in this book... almost, cause I hate the bad guys and of course the monster stepmom... and though I like Charley's dad, I am very disappointed with him too. He should have dump that bitch ass when he saw what she did to his 5 years old daughter! Gah! That pisses me off.

Anyway, love the humour... enjoyed it! Love all the action... all the mystery.

I love her BFF/assistant/neighbor Cookie... she is such an awesome support.

I love Ubie, or Charley's Uncle Bob. I love their banters or rather Charley's constant teasing... I find it quite endearing.

Then there is Garrett, I think he loves Charley... I can already foresee the future... haha... (Interesting how Reyes pushed Garrett away from Charley... jealous much? Hehe)

And then there is Reyes... such mystery... True, you hardly see him in the book but all his appearances makes a huge impact... I love that he is very protective of Charley... what a weird yet hot astral romance they got going, lol.

And a whole lot more interesting characters that is easy to relate to...

Wonderfully written and interesting storyline.

Thanks Silvana for recommending! Loved it for sure!!!! Can't wait to read the next books!