Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival - Jus Accardo 3.5 Stars!

An action-packed, romantic-suspense novel...

My rating is really based on personal choice. I liked it but didn't love it... ;) I find it just a little too light for my thrill of romantic-suspense novel.

There is lots of action since they are mostly on the run thorough the entire book. When I say they, meaning the two lead character, Mikayla and Shaun.

Mikayla's on the run cause she is wanted for her mother's murder... and Shaun, an apprentice bounty hunter, together with his mentor Patrick. were the first to capture her. For Shaun, it all started with capturing Mikayla, handing her over and getting their bounty... but when men started shooting after them to get to Mikayla, everything's changed.... now it's all about protecting Mikayla. While Mikayla really have no choice but to trust Shaun and his help in finding who killed her mom.

All this mystery could have been avoided from the start had her mom told Mikayla everything... OR, all this could have been avoided if they went back to retrieve the letter her mom left for her. But, I guess there wouldn't be a story if all that happened. In other words, something simple is made complicated.

Mikayla's character is brave, smart and kick-ass.... And Shaun, well, he sounds hot and promising. Both lead character are equally likeable. I enjoyed their chemistry together.

And I appreciated it that there was none of that "insta-love" happening. Yet!!!! But there is that undeniable attraction. ;) (Not that I have anything against insta-love.)

It is well written and well delivered.... and there is also that extra twist in the story... BUT BUT BUT, it's this is just me, I need a little more oomph in my read... so I guess it's a matter of reference for me. I don't wanna say predictable, but... I was kinda anticipating that part in the end too. :-P

My first Jus Accardo read and definitely not the last. ;)

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