The Healing

The Healing - Kassandra Kush And just when I was wondering if Evie will ever get the help she so badly need and if Zeke will finally come to terms with his sister's death, then comes this book "Healing".

I had, at first, serious doubts how they would be able to help each other, but Ms. Kush made it possible in this book, beautifully writing each intricate mindsets and emotions of both Zeke and Evie.

I know this would just be their first huge step and I'm guessing they would still have a long way to go, but what a relief that it's getting somewhere. I love that on this sequel, it concentrated more on the friendship built... and my favourite part, going through "the things they can't change" and help each other change "the things they CAN change".

Finally, since I've started reading this series, I see a light.... It no longer made me sad, or anxious at the end. Though, I am looking forward for a better Evie and Zeke. I keep forgetting how young these two are, since both are forced to mature fast! But when I am though, reminded of their young age, specially in Evie's case, I seriously don't know if Zeke's help would be enough. But... who knows! As long as Evie wants to heal badly, nothing is impossible.

How about that ending! I know it's bound to happen, just never expected Evie to be the first to initiate the move. ;)