The Things We Can't Change Part Two: The Struggle

The Things We Can't Change Part Two: The Struggle - Kassandra Kush

Okay now I am just officially depress! And I say this in a good way book wise.

All the time I want to scream to Evie to grow some spine and fight, at the same time I feel sorry and as helpless as her. Going inside her mind makes me cringe, mad, depress... I am emotionally depleted!


Then there's Zeke, I love him yet he disappoints me too, well, guess he is not perfect, lol....While I love that he said the words that I so wish to tell Evie, at the same time, I'm thinking, is there any way to say those words in a encouraging way?

Their thoughts, Evie and Zeke, and with the people surrounding them.... it makes me so sad and so mad!!!

This story story sits so close to reality.

Two people, one who needs to feel pain to feel alive... while the other don't want to feel anything so he won't feel the pain.

And just when I thought it's already depressing enough with everything thats happened, and with what is currently happening; with the bullies, then there's Cameron (what the hell is his problem?), with Evie and Zeke's emotional and mental struggle.... and then bang! Something tragic happened! AGAIN!



Seriously, this book is brilliant! If you want lots of angst, well, here you go! I highly recommend.

I am gonna need some comfort food after this.