Break Me (Broken Motorcycle Club Romance)

Break Me (Broken Motorcycle Club Romance) - Kate Stone 2 WTH WAS THAT Stars!

This is me after finishing this book....


and then.... after I try to process everything, this is me....


And no, I didn't lose my mind, yet, lol... It was just too crazy not to laugh about the whole thing.

What drove me to this book, well the cover for one, then comes the blurb, abused, broken and biker world.

From the beginning I know I should have stopped reading... I mean it was pretty disturbing to think that she just got off one very abusive relationship and right away she had sex with another man... and to even fall in love in like what, a couple of days later? You, the reader, won't even have time to process what was happening, she's already moved forward or the story has moved forward from one clusterfuck to another. Just a big NO NO for me.

But yeah, I tried and gave it a benefit of a doubt and read the whole book.... but just noooo... it went from weird to weirder... But, given, there is that gritty part, there is action, suspense, and sex... but just didn't work for me, at all! Couldn't connect with everything.

Nope... this is not it for me. Sorry