The Forever Song

The Forever Song - Julie Kagawa Overall, I most certainly enjoyed this series! This 3rd and final instalment alone is on full-on high powered action, suspense and a lot of surprising twists! A lot of stunning action scenes that had my stomach all tied up. I loved it!

I really appreciate that the story tries not to concentrate more on romantic side though it is there (again, for a change), but more on the overall storyline, killing the bad guy, find the cure for the virus, save the world and let humanity prevail.

There are no weak characters here.... all characters has such strong identifiable traits.... I definitely enjoy and love getting to know, even the most hated enemy, Sarren. And Jackal, well, he is honest and says it as it is... I wished there was something more in the end about Jackal here though. But the heroine, Allison, does not disappoint... though there was a moment I thought she'd become somewhat boring, but she regained fast.

Again, amazing world building and brilliantly written. Definitely recommend.