You Make Me

You Make Me - Erin McCarthy 3 Stars!

This would be one of those I would say "It's not you, it's me." Cause...

I did not like Caitlyn, sigh... And for a while there, I thought the story was gonna destroy Ethan's character as well, but I'm glad it didn't. I liked both Heath and Ethan... they both deserve someone better. I really love the storyline, but did not like how it went down. The problem here is Caitlyn... her reasonings and actions gave me a hell of a headache really. :(

So Caitlyn had a poor life growing up, with a crazy mom and an alcoholic brother and a lot of foster siblings... and she just wants to start a new life... In fact, she did good and proved herself... which she should just be proud of... then getting herself engaged to a great guy, Ethan, whom she said she loves... but Ethan knows nothing about her family or her past.

And... instead of feeling sorry about not being completely open to Ethan, she vehemently justifies her reasoning why she didn't... In fact, she made it sound like Ethan hurt her more than the other way around?! (To wit my husband would say "typical female!" and I completely disagree of course, lol)...

Then there's Heath, another love of her life from years back and still does, her first love, who had left her and just disappeared without a goodbye.... But who also suddenly returned for her the same time she's got engaged! So now, she wants Heath and don't want Heath... gah! I want to rant and say more but it would be a complete spoiler. Heath sounds mysterious and is very demanding.... thought it would have been nicer to know more of him... But that one thing I like about Heath is that he seems to know Caitlyn more than Caitlyn knows herself!

Anyway, I find Caitlyn a brat.... she drove me insane!

I love the blurb, I love the start... did not like what happened after... and yeah, predictable.

It is well written...with all that angst and hotness...

And though this book isn't for me, hey, what doesn't work for me might work for you... :D

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