Blind Salvage

Blind Salvage - Shannon Mayer Rylee had such an adventure, though it's getting more challenging and it was heartbreaking on this part of the series.

I would say this urban fantasy paranormal story would make a good bedtime stories for kids, just omit the brutal gore parts and the sexual scene (not much of the sex scenes really and it's on the milder side ;) ). What I'm saying is that I am loving the giants, the unicorn, werewolf, harpy, the ogre, the witches and lots more... all together incorporated in one action packed thrilling story with lots of hearts... it reminds me of when I was young and I use to hang on every word when my "nana" tells us such stories during bedtime. :)

Rylee's tasks are getting more and more complicated... while her character and Liam's and all the other characters are growing and they kinda grow on you too.

In this part Rylee rescues a baby unicorn and battles ogre and giants! Love it! And Faris really need to die!!! Hehe.