Knox: Volume 4

Knox: Volume 4 - Cassia Leo Overall, with the whole series, I like that it's fast paced and a what could have been an interesting storyline. Despite my hesitation after finishing the first one, I kept hoping with the 2nd part that it'll get better... or maybe with the 3rd... then come's the 4th, the conclusion, and sad to say, it just did not do it for me.

I kept getting weirded out on how things just turned out and more so with the lead characters, I could not connect.... everything felt lacking.

And I was so excited to read this when I saw that the final book is out. Knox's character could have been really powerful. Rebecca's character was just lame, sorry, just my opinion. A total fail really. The story felt rushed and it keeps skipping, it felt like I might have spaced out and missed what happened....


I kept knocking my brains out! I get that these are short reads but geez...


Seriously, I think I've lost my brain somewhere.... how did Knox become who he is again? Rebecca's dad, for a mob boss, he couldn't be that easy or stupid is he? Next thing you know they're down? And omg, they hit a deer? How stupid! Don't even get me started on Rebecca! Really you would have sex with the guy on that same day he has kidnapped you and she's not even sure who he really is and she works with the law? Shouldn't she be smarter? And then there's Austin! Oh well, Knox is here, scratch his character... Again, WTH!!!

Really, I don't mind mini series as long as every page counts and it would drive me crazy bat shit or even just plain crazy, you know, make it worth it.... but sad to say, this did not do it for me. Ugh, I was so hoping.